OEMV Auth Codes for 3.907

There are two main ways of getting your auth codes for firmware version 3.907 on OEMV products:

1. Use the update disk version of the firmware: https://portal.hexagon.com/public/Novatel/assets/Documents/Downloads/3907UPDT
First install the update disk, then Open WinLoad. When WinLoad is open click File --> Open Script and select Upgrade.txt. Ensure the right COM port is selected in the Settings --> COM Settings page. Then have power ready but not applied to your receiver until you click Run Script. Then wait a few seconds and apply power to the unit. The process then applies the auth code and updates the firmware.

More detailed instructions are available in the HowToUpdate.txt file in the zip file above.

2. Use the Support Portal: https://novatelsupport.force.com/community
Once logged in, go to the My Receivers tab and add your serial number using the Add PSN button. Once you click on the receiver the Receiver Details page will pop up. You can generate the required auth code by clicking "Generate Update Auth-code" on the right hand side in the Auth Code section.

Once in that dialog, uncheck "Signature" and enter the firmware version you'd like and click "Generate Authcode"