GNSS/INS Sensor with on-board vehicle Sensors

A key requirement of autonomous vehicle applications is a reliable, accurate, and robust positioning (aka) localization solution. Key navigation, planning and decision operations cannot happen without dependable positioning.  

TerraStar X Technology, RTK From the Sky™

The following is from “TerraStar X Precise Positioning Enables Autonomous Applications”, presented by Sara Masterson at Multi GNSS Asia, 2018.

Interference Likelihood Mapping with Case Studies

This paper describes a method for mapping interference by using a model of power loss over distance to create a map of the likelihood of the position of the interferer.

Direct Utilization of LiDAR Data in GNSS/IMU Processing for Indoor and Mobile Mapping Applications

Scanning LiDAR sensors have become a standard component in most mobile mapping systems, and they provide an impressive level of detail in 3-dimensions...

NovAtel's SPAN® Land Vehicle Performance Analysis

In its simplest form, dead reckoning is the estimation of a position without any external input save a starting point. In this forum external input generally refers to GNSS satellites and dead reckoning...

Demonstrated Interference Detection and Mitigation with a Multi-frequency High Precision Receiver

GNSS interferers come in many forms and classifications. Some are intentional, purpose built in-band jammers, but many are unintentional, originating from sources such as radio, TV, wireless communication and radars...

High-Performance GNSS Antennas with Phase-Reversal Quadrature Feeding Network and Parasitic Circular Array

The antenna is the first component in a positioning system, which processes the GNSS and correction signals received from multiple satellites. The precision of a position is strongly related to the performance of the GNSS antenna used...

Performance Differentiation in a Tightly Coupled GNSS/INS Solution

It can be a difficult task trying to determine what kind of GNSS/INS solution will meet the needs of a specific application...

Technologies for Optimized Pass-to-Pass Positioning Performance

High-quality continuous carrier phase can be used to estimate vehicle motion at the centimetre level over short periods of time even when the absolute position accuracy is at the meter level...

Precise Positioning for Automotive with Mass Market GNSS Chipsets

GNSS INS Fusion for Automotive Mass Market Sensors