NovAtel Application Suite

A compilation of screenshots from the NovAtel Application Suite.

NovAtel Application Suite:

The NovAtel Application Suite is an integrated suite of applications designed to work seamlessly with your OEM7, OEM6 or OEMStar products.

Whether you are integrating our products with yours, undertaking analysis, or monitoring the real-time output from your device, the NovAtel Application Suite has intuitive applications so you can make the most of our industry-leading technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated suite of applications
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy-to-use with a workflow-driven design
  • Access to contextual help across all applications

Included Applications:

Setup & Monitor

Setup and Monitor logoSetup & Monitor gives you complete control of your receiver. You can connect locally over USB and serial, or remotely over WiFi or Ethernet. With Setup & Monitor, you can audit your data in real-time, and capture your device outputs for quick analysis in our Playback app. 

  • Device Management: A key feature is the ability to configure and manage many devices, just as easily as one. You can add, group and connect to all your devices from a central location while monitoring the status of those that are connected. 
  • Fast Receiver Switching: Switch between the multiple connected devices seamlessly to compare or view data. 
  • Interference Toolkit (ITK): Take control of the local environment with ITK control. Visualize the airwaves and mitigate against interference. 


Playback logoPlayback lets you open your logged data to replay it as if you were watching it in real-time. Easily scrub through your data files, export subsets to create shorter files or sit back and watch. 

  • Interactive Timeline: The interactive timeline highlights key events to help you find the area of interest quickly and easily.
  • High Speed Playback: Sit back and watch your data replay at up to 60x real-time. 
  • Exporting: When analyzing your data, use our interactive timeline to highlight the section you're interested in and export as a new file to share and process more easily.