Timing Applications

GNSS satellites are equipped with atomic clocks that are accurate to within nanoseconds. While this is incredibly accurate, time measurements are necessary for the calculation of GNSS positioning, GNSS receivers can also use this to provide timing accuracies of better than 5 ns.

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) functionality provided on OEM7 receivers from Hexagon | NovAtel enables timing synchronisation for system networks, providing a trusted timing source for your whole system. PTP can synchronise up to 20 devices using a local Ethernet network to <5 ns accuracy, which eliminates the need for many hardwired connections. Find out more about how PTP can solve your timing challenges here

All NovAtel receivers provide a 1 pulse per second (pps) output that is tied to GPS time. Some of our receivers also have an external oscillator input.

Benefits of an external oscillator input include:

  • Allows the receiver to be able to use a much more precise base timing signal like an atomic clock
  • Gives us very precise pseudorange and carrier phase measurements
  • Used in precise time transfer applications, including the monitoring and control of GNSS systems