EDIE software development kit

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The Encode Decode Interface Engine, also known as EDIE, is a software development kit providing seamless integration of NovAtel GNSS receiver logs into existing workflows and interfaces. EDIE intakes receiver data logs from multiple sources and streamlines the decoding process, including filtering, parsing and framing for consistent results that are automatable with end-user projects. Because EDIE is open-source, users can easily customise EDIE to fit their workflows and projects.

Focus on your data, not on calibrating code

EDIE normalises data logs into formats that are readable by human and computer alike and can be leveraged across dashboards, software applications and more. Built to integrate and innovate alongside the user, EDIE streamlines every step of the integration process: decoding is simplified from hundreds of lines of code to dozens; output is consistent, easily accessible and transferable to different software and custom dashboards; and data input is scalable to handle the multiple devices supporting meet users’ unique needs.

EDIE provides easy access to all parts of the data for speedy integration into custom dashboards for applications like autonomous fleet management, translating BESTPOS logs across formats, integrating proprietary data logs with NovAtel receiver data, tracking precise point positioning (PPP) corrections through the day, and much more. EDIE empowers users to do anything with their data with optimised code necessary for the decoding and integration process.

How it works

How the encoder decoder interface engine works

EDIE intakes GNSS receiver data logs, decodes them to be consistent and normalised to the desired format, and produces an output that can be quickly integrated in custom dashboards, workflows or applications. With EDIE’s optimised code for data configuration and processing, users can streamline and automate the filtering, parsing and framing of data from GNSS receiver logs.

Users can access and download the EDIE software development kit and source code from the NovAtel GitHub repository or the Python Package Index (PyPI).


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