Protect against GNSS interference with GRIT

It takes GRIT to protect your position 

To protect your positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) measurements, you must be able to identify when something is amiss in your RF environment. GRIT includes NovAtel’s proven Interference Toolkit (ITK) and Spoofing Detection to identify when your GNSS signal is under threat. 

Detailed situational awareness is the first step to building resiliency and integrity in your positioning. GRIT characterises your RF environment and enables interference mitigation through the application of digital filters. Also included in GRIT is the ability to use time-tagged snapshots of analog to digital samples to characterise jamming signals and develop your own interference location algorithms. 

This comprehensive approach to awareness and mitigation builds GNSS resiliency and integrity. Even better, with GRIT Monitor in the NovAtel Application Suite, you can visualise your RF environment including interference with an industry-first comprehensive dashboard for quick operational response.

Tractor trailers driving down the highway. One tractor trailer displays how NovAtel's GNSS Spoofing Detection technology keeps it on the road.

GNSS Spoofing Detection

GRIT enables spoofing detection for a comprehensive understanding of your RF environment to identify when your positioning, navigation and timing is at risk.

An example of a plot from NovAtel's Interference Toolkit (ITK) showing the radio frequency spectrum.

GNSS Interference Toolkit (ITK)

A resilient signal requires protection. ITK identifies and characterises interference frequencies in your area, protecting you from unintentional and malicious interference.

A graph displaying time-tagged digitized samples.

Time-Tagged Digitized Samples

Time-tagged snapshots of analog to digital data samples allow you to characterise the RF environment and develop your own interference location algorithms.