While speed describes how fast an object is moving, velocity provides the speed and the direction in which an object is moving relative to true north. NovAtel's velocity solutions determine:

  • The speed of an object in a given direction
  • The relative speed of objects

Velocity solutions from GNSS receivers determine the direction of the motion of the GNSS antenna relative to the ground, not the direction in which the vessel, aircraft or vehicle is pointed or “headed”. For example, a boat pointing north but drifting south at 2 m/s will show a velocity of 2 m/s to the south.

GNSS derived velocity is used in many industries:

Guidance applications

  • Auto steer systems
  • Precision navigation

Speed determination applications

  • Variable rate used in distribution of agriculture inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, chemicals
  • Vehicle testing
  • Speed control and monitoring systems




  • Real time and post-mission processed velocity
  • GNSS and GNSS/INS velocity are well suited for high dynamic applications
  • Output available in numerous formats and rates.
  • For GNSS velocity derived from averaging, averaging period can be configured