Why use TerraStar?

TerraStar Correction Services unlock high-performance real-time positioning for applications around the world. Powered by an expansive global system, TerraStar corrections provide seamless worldwide coverage giving you the highest quality data for assured, reliable positioning anywhere, anytime. TerraStar completes the high-precision solution for OEM7 applications from Hexagon | NovAtel with a range of options to fit your needs, making TerraStar as precise and flexible as you need it to be.

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Seamless, consistent accuracy wherever you move without being tethered to a base station

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With 99.999% uptime and availability, corrections are always streaming

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Same simple setup wherever you go, with no extra equipment or configurations

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Exact same positioning every time you work

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Move, expand or split out into multiple project areas – there’s no limit

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Quick and secure access, with one-way data transfer of corrections to your receiver

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Fast converging PPP accuracy saves you time and keeps you working in more challenging conditions

How TerraStar works for you

Diagram of TerraStar-X Corrections 

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High-performance global corrections

TerraStar’s worldwide reference station network delivers a constant stream of clean measurements into our correction generation engine. This independently owned and operated network is the backbone for high-quality multi-constellation and multi-frequency clock and orbit corrections.

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Reliability trusted by leaders

Reliability is built into the whole system, from redundancy at each reference station to geographically separated, independent network control centres. This robust system, combined with our expert monitoring and support teams, ensures over 99.999% service availability and uptime.

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Total solution design

TerraStar users get the best performance and experience from NovAtel systems. Long-trusted for high-precision positioning technology, NovAtel's corrections, positioning algorithms and hardware are designed side-by-side to ensure a seamless solution with powerful performance. The result is 24/7/365, all-weather operation, even in challenging environments.

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The security of simplicity

Corrections are broadcast over geostationary L-Band communication satellites for continuous, no-hassle data delivery and are conveniently available over the Internet for connected users. Subscriptions are easy to manage online, with flexible durations and scalable service levels to suit your application needs.