GNSS Receiver Firmware & GNSS Software

Encoder Decoder Interface Engine icon

EDIE software development kit

The Encode Decode Interface Engine, also known as EDIE, is a software development kit providing programmatic access to Hexagon | NovAtel GNSS receivers.

GNSS Receiver Firmware Options

Proprietary card level programs that help customize your receiver's performance for unique application requirements.

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NovAtel Application Suite

The NovAtel Application Suite is our all-in-one GNSS receiver management software designed to configure and monitor the status of your OEM7 devices, including satellite tracking, positioning and RF interference detection.

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Manage (Web)

Installed directly onboard your compatible OEM7 products, Manage (Web) gives you the flexibility to connect to, configure and monitor your device with your mobile, desktop or tablet.

Drivers for ROS™

The NovAtel_OEM7_driver, built for ROS, is developed and maintained by NovAtel to allow quick and easy integration of the OEM7 receiver into any ROS application.  

USB Drivers

To communicate between a NovAtel receiver and a computer using a USB port, NovAtel USB drivers must be installed on the computer.