Antennas for Autonomous Automotive Applications

For driverless vehicles, sub-meter-level positioning is required for lane-level resolution. Hazardous and misleading information poses a serious, disruptive and critical safety concern. Multi-constellation/multi-frequency (MCMF) GNSS with protection limits and correction services are necessary to move forward safely. This technology does not work off the small-size, single-frequency, narrow-band antennas that cars currently carry.

The latest offering of Inside GNSS's continuing professional education series explores this topic in the webinar “Antennas for Autonomous Automotive Applications.” In this webinar, Kevin Doherty, Technical Sales Representative for NovAtel®, is joined by other leading industry experts from General Motors and Stanford University to identify solutions that fit the automotive market requirements.

This session provides valuable insights into the entire signal chain from antenna to receiver, the protection limits and how to make everything work together to meet automotive standards.


Curtis Hay:  Technical Fellow at General Motors

Kaz Gunning: Ph.D. Candidate, GPS Research Laboratory at Stanford University 

Kevin Doherty: Technical Sales Representative at NovAtel


Alan Cameron: Editor In Chief of Inside GNSS & Inside Unmanned Systems