Sensors for Autonomy

Sensors tell autonomous vehicles about the environment by recognising obstacles along the way and collecting critical information to operate safely. 

Autonomous sensors include: 

  • Cameras which can be trained to detect and classify objects and determine their distance from the equipment
  • Radar which uses radio waves to detect objects and gauge their distance and speed 
  • LiDAR which uses lasers to create 3D images of detected objects and the surroundings

Sensors provide a complete understanding of the surroundings to help autonomous vehicles navigate safely. By building the path ahead, sensors can help inform and provide inputs into the decisions autonomous equipment makes on how to control tasks such as steering, acceleration, turning and stopping.

When looking for sensors for your autonomous development, you want the right combination to satisfy your needs in terms of safety and capabilities. With Hexagon | NovAtel's experience in perception and autonomous systems, we offer a range of proven sensor technology to help you solve your complex autonomy challenges and drive your innovation forward.