High-Precision GNSS for Precision Agriculture & Farming

Precision Farming and Agriculture Technology and Autonomy

GNSS receivers and antennas from Hexagon | NovAtel are found in the data collection, control, guidance and steering systems of the world's top precision ag companies and vehicle manufacturers’ products. As the global leader in OEM precision positioning technology, our customers rely on us to provide reliable, quality solutions that optimize growers’ productivity and efficiency, that save time and lower input costs. NovAtel positioning and perception development kits are designed to enable autonomous agriculture applications.

What is precision agriculture and precision farming?

Precision farming is the ability to overlay all of the data from various applications which enables the grower to utilize best practices throughout the year and in future years in their operations to maximize yields. Applications can include AutoSteering, variable rate seeding and spray applications, auto section control, soil sampling, plant health monitoring or site specific real-time yield monitoring. Precision GNSS enables accurate mapping and system control of various field activities. 

How does precision farming work?

Precise data collection enabled with GNSS during field activities such as yield monitoring, aerial photography (UAV, airplane or satellite) and/or soil sampling allows growers to create site specific management zones. Crop specific inputs, such as seed, nutrients and agrochemicals — can then be applied to specific management zones to optimize productivity for each individual zone. This method helps to control expenses in less productive areas while maximizing profits in higher producing areas. Additionally, precision farming technologies often use GNSS to improve efficiency with products and techniques that can cut unnecessary expenses on seed, fuel, agrochemicals and time. These applications can include AutoSteering, variable rate seeding and spray applications, auto section control and path planning. Advanced systems available in the market today can systematically coordinate movement of equipment and field activities in real-time through the use of GNSS and internet enabled equipment to maximize total farm efficiency. 

Autonomy in Agriculture

Autonomous applications in the field are ready for development. From robotic machinery applying fertilizers in an orchard to a fully autonomous tractor with impeccable pass-to-pass accuracy, NovAtel positioning and perception development kits enable such autonomous applications. With the agriculture workforce dwindling while crop demands grow, development of autonomy in agriculture is a key method to future-proof your business.

NovAtel technology powers more than 450 autonomous research and development platforms aiding in the advancement of robotics and autonomy. Our autonomous tractor is a demonstration of our positioning and perception development kits success in accelerating autonomous solutions. Explore our autonomy and positioning products below.

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