Accelerating Autonomous Application Development Starter Kit

This all-in-one development kit provides the foundation to build remote and autonomous systems by leveraging multiple positioning, perception and sensing kits. The NovAtel Accelerating Autonomous Application Starter Kit brings together the sensing technologies from the Point-Cloud Application Starter Kit and the Vision Application Starter Kit.

This kit features sensors like cameras, GNSS, LiDAR, RADAR, thermal processing and the compute.


  • Computing system that safely executes autonomy operations
  • Vision processing for situational and environmental awareness
  • Thermal processing for additional functionality in challenging environments
  • RADAR technology for obstacle detection and emergency stop systems
  • LiDAR technology for seamless localization and mapping
  • Relative localization capabilities
  • GNSS positioning for a precise and accurate position with both static and dynamic heading
  • Positioning and localization sensor fusing and time synchronization