Setup & Monitor (Web)

A compilation of screenshots from Setup & Monitor (web).

Setup & Monitor (Web) 

Installed directly onboard your compatible OEM7 products, giving you the flexibility to connect with your mobile, desktop or tablet and easily setup, monitor and record the data that matters to you. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Compatible with multiple devices and browsers including all desktop, tablet and mobile devices for enhanced productivity and accessibility
  • A user-friendly interface with a task-based, workflow-driven design for better guidance and support during setup and configuration
  • Full control of your device configuration
  • A contemporary responsive design for optimal readability and viewing experience
  • Local or remote access to your devices
  • Easy to visualize traffic light quality indicators
  • Ability to monitor output from multiple devices in real-time

Coming Soon:

  • Improved Dynamic SPAN configuration
  • Accessibility updates with specific support for color blind customers
  • Additional languages

As we continue to add new features and further refine the application, we want your feedback, please click below to get started.