Waypoint post-processing software

Waypoint software is an industry-leading, professional post-processing portfolio trusted by the companies building maps for the world. Waypoint software leverages Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and inertial navigation systems (INS) data to generate a source of truth for post-mission trajectories and mapping. Built on Hexagon | NovAtel's decades-long legacy in post-processing algorithm development, Waypoint software refines GNSS-only or GNSS+INS data by processing forward and reverse in time, then combining and smoothing the results to maximise accuracy and signal availability for applications across land, air and sea.  

The software streamlines the process for users to quickly input and refine data, then use built-in plotting and quality control tools to assess the solution's viability and reliability. Waypoint software delivers complete control of your results, exporting in the data format, rate and coordinate frame your application requires.  

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Key features include: 

  • PPP corrections and differential GNSS – also known as post-processed kinematic (PPK) – processing modes 
  • Loosely coupled or tightly coupled GNSS+INS processing 
  • Flexible and secure licencing for the duration and level of processing you need 
  • Support for NovAtel products, various third-party products and RINEX data format 
  • Built-in application processing profiles that automatically tune processing according to your application’s inertial characteristics and IMU type  
  • A Command Line Interface (CLI) and Software Development Kit (SDK) available for users to develop and customise their entire processing workflow and enable post-processing at scale 

Waypoint software is used by mapping companies, R&D companies developing autonomy systems, marine surveyors working nearshore, and post-processing-as-a-service integrators requiring full customisation across environments and applications. No matter your application, Waypoint software has a product and subscription that meets your post-processing needs. 

Inertial Explorer icon

Inertial Explorer GNSS+INS post-processing

The flagship Waypoint software product, Inertial Explorer maximises the accuracy of your GNSS+INS trajectory post-mission with tightly coupled integration for generating the absolute source of truth.

Inertial Explorer Xpress icon

Inertial Explorer Xpress GNSS+INS post-processing

A simplified and cost-effective version of Inertial Explorer tailored for UAV markets and smaller project areas with short baselines.

GrafNav icon

GrafNav GNSS-only post-processing

A powerful, highly configurable processing engine that outputs the best possible static or kinematic GNSS accuracy using all available GNSS constellations and frequencies.

GrafNet icon

GrafNav Static for GNSS-only post-processing

A post-processing package streamlined for static GNSS-only data and includes a batch static baseline processor and network adjustment package.

Waypoint Inertial Explorer SDK icon and Waypoint GrafNav SDK icon side by side

Waypoint SDK

The Waypoint software development kit delivers complete control over the GrafNav and Inertial Explorer post-processing functions so you can customise and automate your workflows.

Waypoint 9.00 post-processing software release

Industry leaders in post processing, Hexagon | NovAtel's Waypoint Products Group announces version 9.00 of our post-processing products Inertial Explorer, Inertial Explorer Xpress, GrafNav and GrafNav Static.

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Choose the Waypoint software product that best fits your processing, accuracy and output requirements:

Features Inertial Explorer icon
Inertial Explorer
Inertial Explorer Xpress icon
Inertial Explorer
GrafNav icon
GrafNet icon
GrafNav Static
GNSS-only processing
GNSS+INS processing    
Precise point positioning (PPP)
Differential processing (PPK)
Kinematic data processing  
Multi-base station support  
Unlimited project area  
GrafNet network adjustment    
Optional add-ons
TerraStar NRT
Extended support plan
Command Line Interface (CLI)

Software Development Kit (SDK)