Relative Positioning

Sometimes you do not need to know your precise position but you do need to know your position or an object's position, relative to another object or location. Our GPS and GNSS relative positioning solutions are used to:

  • Determine where an object is located on earth with respect to another object's location
  • Determine the horizontal and vertical distances between one object to another object. (The horizontal and vertical distances can also be referred to as baseline lengths, displacements, relative separations or offsets between the two objects)

Applications requiring relative GNSS positioning include:

  • Landing systems such as helicopter to aircraft carrier
  • Railway collision avoidance systems
  • Autonomous in air refueling
  • Safety systems where a device beep increases in volume as you approach another object or location
  • Automated ship docking systems


  • Ability to determine relative positioning between two or more moving objects
  • Calculation of relative baseline between two or more objects in a series
  • Real time and post-mission processed relative positioning solutions are available
  • Offered in GPS or GNSS standalone systems