Velocity 2020

Driving Off-Road Autonomy: An AG Showcase

A giant step forward, the autonomous tractor demonstrates how to unlock GNSS+INS positioning’s full potential and properly integrate it with other sensors to enable unmanned off-road operations.

More Efficiency in the Field

TerraStar-X Correction Services provide the reliability, performance uptime and simplicity growers need to improve efficiency and eventually move to a fully autonomous world.

Enabling Confidence in Autonomous Vehicles

To enable, accelerate and deploy vehicle autonomy, Hexagon | NovAtel® showcased its advanced software positioning engine on a 15-mile journey around Las Vegas.

New Post-Processing Put to the Test

A fast start for more accuracy: Waypoint PPP-AR.

Smart Eyes See the Road to Autonomy

The integration of GNSS+INS and visual odometry is critical for vehicles to maneuver safely in both sparse and dense environments or where GNSS signals are limited or unavailable.

WAAS: Improving Safety for Civil Aircraft

The FAA Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) uses Hexagon | NovAtel technologies, to provide the accuracy and integrity necessary to safely operate civil aircraft.