Smooth Positioning Trajectory

Smooth positioning is needed by many control system applications such as auto steering systems. A smooth positioning solution refers to GPS/GNSS data that has been run through a special filter or algorithm to create a smooth trajectory without any sudden position jumps due to changing GNSS signal conditions.

In addition to providing a smooth trajectory, smoothing of GPS or GNSS based epoch to epoch data also provides greater solution availability. Smooth positioning solutions are used in:

Guidance applications

  • Agriculture
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)
  • Robotics

Trajectory determination applications

  • Mapping
  • Research




  • Real time and post-mission processed solutions
  • Minimizes position solution jumps often associated with satellite geometry changes
  • Bridges through short periods of partial or even complete GPS or GNSS signal outages
  • Utilizes more observations in position computation allowing better observation error detection
  • Output available in different formats