GLIDE® Smooth Positioning GNSS Firmware

GLIDE technology offers superior pass-to-pass performance for applications, such as agricultural guidance, where relative positioning is critical. Users see significantly fewer positioning jumps and less than 1 cm position differences from one epoch to the next. 


  • Works with single and dual-frequency solutions
  • Auto-detection mode to automatically switch between dynamic and static modes
  • Runs with GPS only or GPS + GLONASS
  • Works in all code positioning modes, including Single Point, DGPS and SBAS 



  • Provides position smoothing for accurate pass-to-pass performance
  • Ideal for agricultural and machine guidance systems
  • Pass-to-pass accuracies of better than 50 cm in areas with no SBAS or other wide area correction services 

Single-Frequency GLIDE

Our GLIDE technology offers users of autonomous L1 code positioning superior stability previously available only for dual-frequency carrier phase solutions. GLIDE combines L1 code and phase data to produce a smooth positioning solution well suited for applications such as agricultural guidance.

Dual-Frequency GLIDE

NovAtel's new dual-frequency GLIDE improves the absolute accuracy of the GLIDE position and creates a robust solution resistant to the effects of high ionospheric activity. GLIDE works in all code positioning modes, including single point, DGPS and SBAS.