Waypoint SDK

Customise and automate your GNSS and GNSS+INS post-processing workflows with our software development kit

Waypoint Inertial Explorer SDK icon and Waypoint GrafNav SDK icon side by side

The Waypoint Software Development Kit (SDK) delivers complete control over the GrafNav and Inertial Explorer post-processing functions. Base station downloads, data conversion, data processing, solution output and quality control can all be customised to meet the requirements of any application.

Fast and efficient survey quality control

With complete access to the trajectory information, the Waypoint SDK allows you to set rules for determining if the survey meets your accuracy requirements. Whether you have a few systems or hundreds, automated post-processing improves results while saving time and money by increasing the speed of your workflow.

Software integration 

Nearly all of functionality contained in Waypoint’s GrafNav and Inertial Explorer software is accessible. Embed GNSS or GNSS+INS processing functionality right into your software, provide an optimised workflow for your customers and increase the value of your software products. Two separate interfaces are available: 

  • C++ (Windows or Linux) 
  • .NET (Windows only)