Autonomous Vehicle Safety: How to Test, How to Ensure

Safety in autonomous driverless vehicles is paramount. But how do we measure this safety, and how confident are we in these measurements?

These webinars feature safety critical systems experts Gordon Heidinger and Lance de Groot from Hexagon | NovAtel and Ajay Vemuru with Spirent Communications investigating the role safety, integrity, and new safety standards play when developing positioning solutions for autonomous vehicles.

Lance de Groot and Gordon Heidinger explore newly developed safety standards ISO 26262, SOTIF, ISO 61508, RTCM SC-134, 3GPP, and EN16803, and the ways these standards facilitate best practices in testing.

This session provides valuable insight into how integrity in autonomous solutions, sensor fusion, and validation of safety-critical systems, including the use of simulators, help engineers achieve proof of safety in autonomous vehicles.


Lance de GrootGeomatics Software Senior Team Lead, Safety Critical Systems, Hexagon | NovAtel

Gordon Heidinger: Senior Engineering Manager, Safety Critical Systems, Hexagon | NovAtel

Ajay VemuruProduct Manager, Positioning, Navigation, Timing, Spirent Communications


Alan Cameron: Editor In Chief, Inside GNSS & Inside Unmanned Systems