TerraStar-X Services

TerraStar-X continues the tradition of leading-edge technology, all with the convenience of satellite delivery.

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TerraStar-X: The total RTK From the Sky experience

TerraStar-X delivers the instant availability and accuracy of RTK with the convenience and reliability of satellite delivery offering premium performance for demanding applications.

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  • Reliable centimetre-level accuracy
  • Convergence in less than 60 seconds
  • Instant re-convergence

Compatible products:

  • OEM7700, OEM719, OEM729 and PwrPak7 receivers
  • SMART7 

TerraStar-X region:

TerraStar-X is available regionally in the United States, shown in the map below. Backed by our most advanced global TerraStar-C PRO technology, users can rely on a fast, accurate source for global coverage outside of the TerraStar-X region.

Map of the TerraStar corn belt region