TerraStar Correction Services Support

General Support Material

TerraStar Correction Services Quick Start Guide Video   (2020-05-04)
TerraStar Correction Services Quick Start Guide (PDF)
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Corrections Coverage Map      LINK 
TerraStar Correction Services Brochure      PDF icon 
TerraStar FAQs      LINK 
TerraStar L-Band Frequency Changes Scheduled for Q1 2018   (2017-10-06) PDF icon
Introducing TerraStar-C PRO (ION 2018)     PDF icon
Introducing TerraStar-X (ION 2019)      PDF icon

Application notes

Title Doc. No. Revision Download
TerraStar Repeatability APN-115 REV 1 (2023-12-31) PDF icon
IP Delivery for Global TerraStar Corrections APN-089 REV 1 (2023-02-22) PDF icon
TerraStar on OEM7 APN-087 REV 5 (2023-12-04)  PDF icon
Datum Transformations & Plate Tectonics Compensation APN-086 REV 2 (2023-07-20)  PDF icon
How to Subscribe to TerraStar Service Notifications APN-085 REV 2 (2024-02-29) PDF icon
RTK ASSIST & RTK ASSIST PRO APN-073 REV 3 (2023-12-04) PDF icon