TerraStar FAQs

About our Correction Services Solutions

  1. What is RTK From the Sky Technology?

    Hexagon’s RTK From the Sky powers our most advanced and reliable Hexagon | NovAtel correction services solutions. Our innovations in PPP technology are making convergence time a thing of the past, delivering an RTK-like experience through simple to use and efficient PPP setups. Reliable, centimetre-level positioning with fast convergence times is now possible with TerraStar-C PRO and TerraStar-X. Soon to be available through Oceanix for nearshore marine applications.

    Interested in learning more about our RTK From the Sky technology program? Visit our RTK From the Sky information page
  2. Can I try a demo before subscribing?

    Yes! We offer free 5-day demos for you to trial this technology before committing to a full subscription. Visit terrastar.net/terrastar-demo to request your free demo today.

    If you have an existing subscription and would like to try a different service level, you can also request a temporary service change. Once the 5-day period is complete, you will revert to your current subscription level. Please contact Support.

  3. Why do I need corrections?

    Applications requiring accurate, reliable and constant real-time positioning rely on NovAtel correction services to get their job done. Our corrections take your GNSS positioning from metres down to the centimetre-level by reducing the impacts of many types of GNSS error sources. 

    Learn more about how corrections work.

    TerraStar GNSS corrections and NovAtel OEM solutions are used in agriculture, survey, GIS, mobile mapping, construction, mining, unmanned and airborne applications. Learn more about TerraStar here.  

    Oceanix Corrections are ideal for near-shore marine applications.
    Contact NovAtel Sales to discuss your specific needs.

  4. How is the correction data transmitted?

    TerraStar and Oceanix corrections are delivered over the air, from the sky, via geostationary L-Band satellites. With 99.999% availability, corrections are always streaming.

    Internet delivery of corrections is available for TerraStar-C PRO, TerraStar-L and TerraStar-C with an IP connection. You can use IP as your primary source, or as a second source when tracking L-Band. See IP Delivery for Global TerraStar Corrections for more information on IP delivery.

Subscription Set Up

  1. How are TerraStar and Oceanix services activated on my receiver?

    TerraStar and Oceanix services are activated for a specific unit via a subscription. Activation messages for the subscription are sent over the air via satellite at the start of the service.  If your subscription supports IP delivery, you can also receive the activation message via IP. 

    The receiver must be powered on with an open view of the sky and tracking L-band when the activation messages is sent. Please see the TerraStar Quick Start Guide for further details on how to configure L-Band tracking, and how to confirm the activation message was received with the TERRASTARSTATUS and TERRASTARINFO log. Read more about how to set up for IP delivery.

  2. When does my activation message get sent?

    With your subscription purchase, you can request the service to start immediately or at a specified start date. The activation date and time is selected at time of ordering and will be shown in the order confirmation. The time is shown in UTC. 

    TerraStar and Oceanix services are activated on the receiver via an over the air activation message. The activation message contains your subscription details and is broadcasted on the subscription start date. The subscription activation message will be rebroadcasted regularly for the 30 days following the subscription start date. 

  3. I missed the activation message. How do I resend the activation?
    In cases where the initial activation was missed within the 30-day period, you can “resend” the activation message from the e-Store interface by contacting your local dealer, or by contacting NovAtel Support.

  4. How does my subscription renewal get activated?

    1. Back-to-back renewals: When an active TerraStar or Oceanix subscription is renewed, the renewal activation message will be broadcast during the last seven days of the active subscription. If the receiver tracks the TerraStar / Oceanix signal during that time, there will be no disruption in service when the new subscription (ie. renewal) begins. The renewal activation message will continue to be broadcast for the subsequent 30 days.

    2. Delayed renewals: If a subscription is scheduled to begin sometime after the current subscription has expired, the activation will follow the same process as a new subscription activation. 

  5. How do I see the expiry date of my subscription?

    In the e-Store, you can view your receiver details, including any active or pending subscriptions.

    On the receiver, you can use the TERRASTARINFO log to view the service end day and year. For example, if the Service End Day and Year are 15 and 2019, respectively, then the service will expire on January 15, 2019 at 24:00 UTC. 

Subscription Types

  1. What is the difference between regional (RG) and global (GL) TerraStar subscriptions?

    Regional (“RG”) subscriptions are transmitted over three adjacent L-Band satellites to provide continent-wide coverage. Global (“GL”) subscriptions are transmitted over all L-Band satellites to provide worldwide coverage.

  2. Are there any restrictions in using TerraStar services?

    Standard subscriptions (“GL-LA” or “RG-AG”) provide access to corrections up to a land geogate of 10 km from shore. This subscription type is ideal for standard applications on land or in air such as construction, survey, agriculture, UAV, mobile mapping, etc.

    Airborne (“GL-AR” or “RG-AR”) subscriptions are not restricted geographically. This subscription type is intended for airborne applications which require corrections over land and flying over open water.

    TerraStar corrections cannot be used for marine-based applications. 

  3. Are there any restrictions in using Oceanix services?

    Standard Oceanix (“NS”) subscriptions provide access to corrections up to 60 km from shore. This subscription type is ideal for near-shore marine applications.
    If looking for an offshore positioning solution, please contact NovAtel Sales or Support to discuss more about your application needs.

Additional Resources

For more detailed information, you can view TerraStar Correction Services Support material or Contact Support.