Unmanned Systems

Unsurpassed in Unmanned

We are the world's leader in high precision positioning products for unmanned applications. For over twenty years we have provided our customers with the quality, reliability and performance needed for system success. No other supplier offers the breadth of product, integration expertise or engineering support. 


NovAtel Technology in Action

  • Boeing's Unmanned Little Bird program relied on NovAtel Positioning to successfully test unmanned aerial landings and takeoffs from a moving vessel. Read more here.



  • NovAtel talked to Alex Rodrigues and Mike Skupien, co-founders of Varden Labs to see how our technology played a role in their autonomous golf cart. Watch the video here



  • NASA Hurricane and Servere Storm Sentinel, or H3 Mission helps predict rapid storm intensification with two NASA Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Read more here.



  • NovAtel antenna and SPAN® technology aids the Mars Rover mission here on earth. The goal was to develop an unmanned robotic vehicle to collect information to determine the environment on Mars. Read more here



No Room for Error

Precision matters in unmanned systems. Integrators depend on the quality, reliability and performance of our Position, Navigation and Time (PNT) products - for land, air and marine unmanned applications.

Our flexible technology platform and diverse product offering ensures we deliver the accuracy, signal availability and configuration you need. Some of our solutions innovating the market include:

  • SPAN technology tightly couples our OEM precision GNSS receivers with robust Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to provide reliable, continuously available, position, velocity and attitude – even through short periods of time when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable.

  • ALIGN® relative positioning generates high accuracy heading, pitch, relative separation and positioning between two or more receivers for high precision monitoring, automation and navigation applications.

  • The OEM625S™ SAASM RTK GPS receiver and commercial OEM628™ have compatible form factors so integrators have the flexibility to offer a non-SAASM variant to complement the SAASM RTK version, according to their customer's requirements.

  • TerraStar Correction Services provide a single source of GNSS hardware, correction services and support. As a comprehensive NovAtel supplied solution, it makes it easy to achieve the best possible position. Centimetre, decimetre and metre-level solutions are available, with decimetre-level corrections delivered by TerraStar.

  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) functionality provided on OEM7 receivers enables timing synchronisation for system networks for a trusted timing source across your whole system. Up to 20 devices can be synchronised using a local Ethernet network to <5 ns accuracy, which eliminates the need for many hardwired connections.