Precise GNSS Positioning in Nearshore Marine Applications

The nearshore marine environment subjects you to the toughest maritime navigation conditions on earth, with raging currents, rugged coastlines, narrow passageways and high winds. For over two decades, marine integrators have relied on Hexagon | NovAtel and our industry-leading GNSS OEM technology to ensure their equipment performs when needed most.

With decades of experience in harsh maritime environments, NovAtel has developed precise positioning solutions like receivers, antennas and correction services that are reliable, robust and easy to integrate. NovAtel nearshore marine products enable observing and measuring heading, velocity, attitude and heave for a complete 3D understanding of your position during diverse marine applications, including:

  • Precise and cost-effective dredging systems for port operations and waterways
  • Hydrographic survey systems for commercial and research mapping of the ocean floor
  • Relative positioning and heading information for barge, vessel positioning and automatic docking systems
  • Precision navigation through narrow passageways or congested marine traffic

Nearshore GNSS correction services

NovAtel delivers assured positioning through our Oceanix Correction Services, providing accuracy levels up to three centimeters in less than 20 minutes (95%). These multi-constellation corrections are available globally and everywhere your nearshore marine application takes you.

Marine-certified GNSS hardware

Our marine-certified MarinePak7 GNSS receiver is optimized for nearshore marine use with SPAN GNSS+INS technology to calculate heading, attitude, velocity and heave. The MarinePak7 is built ready to receive both our Oceanix Correction Service and MSK Beacon corrections for a robust, reliable and assured position at sea.

Rugged marine-certified antennas, receivers and enclosures deliver high-precision and reliability through our low failure rates.

GNSS post-processing software

NovAtel firmware and software boost precision and reliability across any application. These configurations are standard with our marine GNSS receivers, with additional field upgradable options available to enhance performance to best suit your needs. From relative positioning firmware to Waypoint Inertial Explorer post-processing software, NovAtel supplies the tools you need for a trustworthy, reliable and robust positioning solution at sea.

For the positioning and navigation of the offshore oil and gas industry, please visit Hexagon | VERIPOS for more information.