Technical Papers

A Differential Global Positioning System for Flight Inspection of Radio Navigation Aids Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
A Kinematic Carrier Phase Tracking System for High Precision Trajectory Determination Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
A New Positioning Filter: Phase Smoothing in the Position Domain End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
A Novel GPS Survey Antenna Antennas (2013-10-25) PDF
A Practical Approach to the Reduction of Pseudorange Multipath Errors in a Ll GPS Receiver Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
A Precision Flight Test Application Of A Differential Global Positioning System Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
A Three Dimensional Choke Ring Ground Plane Antenna Antennas (2013-10-25) PDF
Accurate Positioning In A Flight Inspection System Using Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Advanced Pinwheel Compact Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (AP-CRPA) designed for Interference and Multipath Mitigation Antennas (2013-10-25) PDF
Ambiguity Resolution on the fly - A Comparison of P Code and High Performance C/A Code GPS Receiver Technologies End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
An Approach to GPS Satellite Failure Detection MEDLL®/WAAS Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Analysis of a High-Performance C/A-Code GPS Receiver in Kinematic Mode End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Analysis Of A Tightly-Coupled MEMS IMU Based GNSS/INS With An External Odometer SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Analysis of the Multipath Meter Performance in Environments With Multiple Interferers MEDLL®/WAAS Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Architecture and System Performance of SPAN® -NovAtel's GPS/INS Solution SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Assessment Of A Non-Dedicated GPS Receiver System For Precise Airborne Attitude Determination Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Attitude Determination in a Survey Launch Using Multi-Antenna GPS Technologies End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Beeline RT20 - a Compact, Medium Precision Positioning system with an Attitude Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Characterization of L5 Receiver Performance Using Digital Pulse Blanking Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Compliance of NovAtel's GPS-702L Antenna to the European Union's new WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and RoHS (Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances) Di Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Core Technology Developments and End-user Products at NovAtel Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Developmental Test And Evaluation of Helicopters Using a Precision Differential Global Positioning System Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
DGNSS Positioning Techniques For Flight Inspection Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Dynamic GPS Attitude Performance Using INS/GPS Reference End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Effect of Antenna Performance on the GPS Signal Accuracy Antennas (2013-10-25) PDF
Evolution Leads To Revolution - Helicopter Flight Testing Using RTK DGPS Technology Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Evolution to Modernized GNSS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitoring Ionosphere Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Extending Narrow-Correlator Technology To P(Y) - Code Receivers: Benefits and Issues End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Flight Evaluation of a Basic C/A Code Differential GPS for Category I Precision Approach Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Galileo Ground Segment Reference Receiver Performance Characteristics Galileo Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Galileo Opportunities Galileo Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Galileo Sensor Station Ground Reference Receiver Performance Characteristics Galileo Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
GPS Positioning in the Fast Track: Track Model Constraint Enhancement for OEM4 End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
GPS Signal Availability in an Urban Area - Receiver Performance Analysis Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
GPS System Integration and Field Approaches in Precision Farming Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
GPS Versus LORAN-C For Vehicular Navigation In Urban And Mountainous Areas Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
GPS-704X Antenna Design and Performance Antennas (2013-10-25) PDF
GPS/GIS and Space Time Data End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
GPS/INS Integration in Real-Time and Post-Processing with NovAtel's SPAN® System SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
GPS/INS Integration with the iMAR-FSAS IMU SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
GPS/MEMS Inertial Integration Methodology and Results SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
HAPPI - a High Accuracy Pseudolite/GPS Positioning Integration Pseudolite Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Helicopter Ship Board Landing System SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Hi! We're the NovAtel GNSSA Team Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
High Performance GPS Pinwheel Antenna Antennas (2013-10-25) PDF
High Precision C/A Code Technology For Rapid Static DGPS Surveys End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
High-Precision Trajectory Determination Using Satellite Navigation Systems Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Improved GPS Positioning for Motor Vehicles Through Map Matching Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Injected Alignment for an INS System from Trackmodel data in a Race Car Environment Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Integration of Inertial Measurements with GNSS -NovAtel SPAN® Architecture SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring Using Commercial Single Frequency C/A Code Receivers Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Kinematic Ambiguity Resolution With a High Precision C/A Code Receiver End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Kinematic Performance of NovAtel CORRECT with TerraStar-D Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Service Kinematic Performance (2015-04-07) PDF
L-band Antenna Performance Improvements Antennas (2013-10-25) PDF
Ll Carrier Phase Multipath Error Reduction Using MEDLL Technology MEDLL®/WAAS Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Magnetic Beeline® - Satellite Derived Attitude for Marine Navigation Marine Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
MEMS Inertial on an RTK GPS Receiver: Integration Options and Test Results SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
NovAtel Communications Ltd. - What's New? MEDLL®/WAAS Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
NovAtel Inc. New Positioning Filter: Phase Smoothing in the Position Domain Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
NovAtel's GPS Receiver The High Performance OEM Sensor of The Future Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
NovAtel's RT-20 -- A Real Time Floating Ambiguity Positioning System Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
OEM4 Inertial: A Tightly Integrated Decentralised Inertial/GPS Navigation System Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
OEM4 Inertial: An Inertial/GPS Navigation System on the OEM4 Receiver SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Performance Analusis of A Shipborne Gyrocompass With A Multi-Antenna GPS System Marine Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Performance Analysis of a Narrow Cowelator® Spacing Receiver for Precise Static GPS Positioning Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Performance Evaluation of the Multipath Estimating Delay Lock Loop MEDLL®/WAAS Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Performance of a Deeply Coupled Commercial Grade GPS/INS System from KVH and NovAtel Inc. SPAN® Technology Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Performance of Category IVIES Automatic Landings Using C/A Code Tracking Differential GPS Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Precise Aircraft-to-Aircraft Positioning Using a Multiple Receiver Configuration Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Precise GPS Time Transfer to a Moving Vehicle End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Precise Marine DGPS Positioning Using P Code and High Performance C/A Code Technologies Marine Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Precise Real-Time Kinematic Differential GPS Using A Cellular Radio Modem DGPS/RTK Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Proposed Airport Pseudolite Signal Specification for GPS Precision Approach Local Area Augmentation Systems Pseudolite Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Prototype Galileo Receiver Development Galileo Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Quadruple Single Frequency Receiver System for Ambiguity Resolution On The Fly End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Real-Time Carrier Phase Positioning Using the RTCM Standard Message Types 20/21 and 18/19 DGPS/RTK Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Reliable Single Frequency Dual Antenna Processing System for Marine Dredging Applications Marine Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Results and Analysis of Using the MEDLL Receiver as a Multipath Meter MEDLL®/WAAS Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Running Interference: Multipath Detection for GPS Monitoring Sites Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Seasonal Effecf of Tree Foliage on GPS Signal Availability and Accuracy for Vehicular Navigation Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Statistics of Time Rate of Change of Ionospheric Range Delay End User Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Test Results from a New 2 cm Real Time Kinematic GPS Positioning System DGPS/RTK Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
The Development of a Modular DGPS System DGPS/RTK Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
The Effects of SAW Group Delay Ripple on GPS and GLONASS Signals Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
The Multipath Estimating Delay Lock Loop (MEDLL®): Approaching Theoretical Accuracy Limits Land Based Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
The Use of Differential Satellite Navigation Systems in an Automatic Flight Inspection System Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
The Use Of GPS Tracking And Guidance Systems For The Chicken Little Joint Project's "Acoustic Week" Flight Test Program Airborne Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Theory and Performance of Narrow Correlator Spacing in a GPS Receiver Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF
Theory and Performance of the Pulse Aperture Correlator Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Tightly Coupled Processing of Precise Point Position (PPP) and INS Data Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Track Model Constraint Enhancement for NovAtel's OEM4 Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Ultra-Precise Positioning For Sport Applications Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Using a Sky Projection to Evaluate Pseudorange Multipath and to Improve the Differential Pseudorange Position Other Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
Validation of the FAA LAAS Specification Using the LAAS Test Prototype (LTP) MEDLL®/WAAS Applications (2013-10-28) PDF
What's New from NovAtel Core Applications (2013-10-25) PDF