Technical Papers

A Differential Global Positioning System for Flight Inspection of Radio Navigation Aids Airborne Applications PDF
A Kinematic Carrier Phase Tracking System for High Precision Trajectory Determination Airborne Applications PDF
A New Positioning Filter: Phase Smoothing in the Position Domain End User Applications PDF
A Novel GPS Survey Antenna Antennas PDF
A Practical Approach to the Reduction of Pseudorange Multipath Errors in a Ll GPS Receiver Core Applications PDF
A Precision Flight Test Application Of A Differential Global Positioning System Airborne Applications PDF
A Three Dimensional Choke Ring Ground Plane Antenna Antennas PDF
Accurate Positioning In A Flight Inspection System Using Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems Airborne Applications PDF
Advanced Pinwheel Compact Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (AP-CRPA) designed for Interference and Multipath Mitigation Antennas PDF
Ambiguity Resolution on the fly - A Comparison of P Code and High Performance C/A Code GPS Receiver Technologies End User Applications PDF
An Approach to GPS Satellite Failure Detection MEDLL®/WAAS Applications PDF
Analysis of a High-Performance C/A-Code GPS Receiver in Kinematic Mode End User Applications PDF
Analysis Of A Tightly-Coupled MEMS IMU Based GNSS/INS With An External Odometer SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
Analysis of the Multipath Meter Performance in Environments With Multiple Interferers MEDLL®/WAAS Applications PDF
Architecture and System Performance of SPAN® -NovAtel's GPS/INS Solution SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
Assessment Of A Non-Dedicated GPS Receiver System For Precise Airborne Attitude Determination Airborne Applications PDF
Attitude Determination in a Survey Launch Using Multi-Antenna GPS Technologies End User Applications PDF
Beeline RT20 - a Compact, Medium Precision Positioning system with an Attitude Core Applications PDF
Characterization of L5 Receiver Performance Using Digital Pulse Blanking Other Applications PDF
Compliance of NovAtel's GPS-702L Antenna to the European Union's new WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and RoHS (Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances) Di Other Applications PDF
Core Technology Developments and End-user Products at NovAtel Core Applications PDF
Developmental Test And Evaluation of Helicopters Using a Precision Differential Global Positioning System Airborne Applications PDF
DGNSS Positioning Techniques For Flight Inspection Airborne Applications PDF
Dynamic GPS Attitude Performance Using INS/GPS Reference End User Applications PDF
Effect of Antenna Performance on the GPS Signal Accuracy Antennas PDF
Evolution Leads To Revolution - Helicopter Flight Testing Using RTK DGPS Technology Airborne Applications PDF
Evolution to Modernized GNSS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitoring Ionosphere Applications PDF
Extending Narrow-Correlator Technology To P(Y) - Code Receivers: Benefits and Issues End User Applications PDF
Flight Evaluation of a Basic C/A Code Differential GPS for Category I Precision Approach Airborne Applications PDF
Galileo Ground Segment Reference Receiver Performance Characteristics Galileo Applications PDF
Galileo Opportunities Galileo Applications PDF
Galileo Sensor Station Ground Reference Receiver Performance Characteristics Galileo Applications PDF
GPS Positioning in the Fast Track: Track Model Constraint Enhancement for OEM4 End User Applications PDF
GPS Signal Availability in an Urban Area - Receiver Performance Analysis Land Based Applications PDF
GPS System Integration and Field Approaches in Precision Farming Land Based Applications PDF
GPS Versus LORAN-C For Vehicular Navigation In Urban And Mountainous Areas Land Based Applications PDF
GPS-704X Antenna Design and Performance Antennas PDF
GPS/GIS and Space Time Data End User Applications PDF
GPS/INS Integration in Real-Time and Post-Processing with NovAtel's SPAN® System SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
GPS/INS Integration with the iMAR-FSAS IMU SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
GPS/MEMS Inertial Integration Methodology and Results SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
HAPPI - a High Accuracy Pseudolite/GPS Positioning Integration Pseudolite Applications PDF
Helicopter Ship Board Landing System SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
Hi! We're the NovAtel GNSSA Team Other Applications PDF
High Performance GPS Pinwheel Antenna Antennas PDF
High Precision C/A Code Technology For Rapid Static DGPS Surveys End User Applications PDF
High-Precision Trajectory Determination Using Satellite Navigation Systems Airborne Applications PDF
Improved GPS Positioning for Motor Vehicles Through Map Matching Land Based Applications PDF
Injected Alignment for an INS System from Trackmodel data in a Race Car Environment Core Applications PDF
Integration of Inertial Measurements with GNSS -NovAtel SPAN® Architecture SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring Using Commercial Single Frequency C/A Code Receivers Land Based Applications PDF
Kinematic Ambiguity Resolution With a High Precision C/A Code Receiver End User Applications PDF
Kinematic Performance of NovAtel CORRECT with TerraStar-D Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Service Kinematic Performance PDF
L-band Antenna Performance Improvements Antennas PDF
Ll Carrier Phase Multipath Error Reduction Using MEDLL Technology MEDLL®/WAAS Applications PDF
Magnetic Beeline® - Satellite Derived Attitude for Marine Navigation Marine Applications PDF
MEMS Inertial on an RTK GPS Receiver: Integration Options and Test Results SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
NovAtel Communications Ltd. - What's New? MEDLL®/WAAS Applications PDF
NovAtel Inc. New Positioning Filter: Phase Smoothing in the Position Domain Core Applications PDF
NovAtel's GPS Receiver The High Performance OEM Sensor of The Future Core Applications PDF
NovAtel's RT-20 -- A Real Time Floating Ambiguity Positioning System Core Applications PDF
OEM4 Inertial: A Tightly Integrated Decentralised Inertial/GPS Navigation System Core Applications PDF
OEM4 Inertial: An Inertial/GPS Navigation System on the OEM4 Receiver SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
Performance Analusis of A Shipborne Gyrocompass With A Multi-Antenna GPS System Marine Applications PDF
Performance Analysis of a Narrow Cowelator® Spacing Receiver for Precise Static GPS Positioning Land Based Applications PDF
Performance Evaluation of the Multipath Estimating Delay Lock Loop MEDLL®/WAAS Applications PDF
Performance of a Deeply Coupled Commercial Grade GPS/INS System from KVH and NovAtel Inc. SPAN® Technology Applications PDF
Performance of Category IVIES Automatic Landings Using C/A Code Tracking Differential GPS Airborne Applications PDF
Precise Aircraft-to-Aircraft Positioning Using a Multiple Receiver Configuration Airborne Applications PDF
Precise GPS Time Transfer to a Moving Vehicle End User Applications PDF
Precise Marine DGPS Positioning Using P Code and High Performance C/A Code Technologies Marine Applications PDF
Precise Real-Time Kinematic Differential GPS Using A Cellular Radio Modem DGPS/RTK Applications PDF
Proposed Airport Pseudolite Signal Specification for GPS Precision Approach Local Area Augmentation Systems Pseudolite Applications PDF
Prototype Galileo Receiver Development Galileo Applications PDF
Quadruple Single Frequency Receiver System for Ambiguity Resolution On The Fly End User Applications PDF
Real-Time Carrier Phase Positioning Using the RTCM Standard Message Types 20/21 and 18/19 DGPS/RTK Applications PDF
Reliable Single Frequency Dual Antenna Processing System for Marine Dredging Applications Marine Applications PDF
Results and Analysis of Using the MEDLL Receiver as a Multipath Meter MEDLL®/WAAS Applications PDF
Running Interference: Multipath Detection for GPS Monitoring Sites Other Applications PDF
Seasonal Effecf of Tree Foliage on GPS Signal Availability and Accuracy for Vehicular Navigation Land Based Applications PDF
Statistics of Time Rate of Change of Ionospheric Range Delay End User Applications PDF
Test Results from a New 2 cm Real Time Kinematic GPS Positioning System DGPS/RTK Applications PDF
The Development of a Modular DGPS System DGPS/RTK Applications PDF
The Effects of SAW Group Delay Ripple on GPS and GLONASS Signals Core Applications PDF
The Multipath Estimating Delay Lock Loop (MEDLL®): Approaching Theoretical Accuracy Limits Land Based Applications PDF
The Use of Differential Satellite Navigation Systems in an Automatic Flight Inspection System Airborne Applications PDF
The Use Of GPS Tracking And Guidance Systems For The Chicken Little Joint Project's "Acoustic Week" Flight Test Program Airborne Applications PDF
Theory and Performance of Narrow Correlator Spacing in a GPS Receiver Core Applications PDF
Theory and Performance of the Pulse Aperture Correlator Other Applications PDF
Tightly Coupled Processing of Precise Point Position (PPP) and INS Data Other Applications PDF
Track Model Constraint Enhancement for NovAtel's OEM4 Other Applications PDF
Ultra-Precise Positioning For Sport Applications Other Applications PDF
Using a Sky Projection to Evaluate Pseudorange Multipath and to Improve the Differential Pseudorange Position Other Applications PDF
Validation of the FAA LAAS Specification Using the LAAS Test Prototype (LTP) MEDLL®/WAAS Applications PDF
What's New from NovAtel Core Applications PDF