Automotive GNSS modules and antennas

GNSS-1500 Antenna Element

Precision GNSS starts with high quality measurements at the antenna. The GNSS-1500 is a dual-frequency antenna element that offers GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and L-Band signal reception. NovAtel, in a joint effort with Sangshin Elecom, has designed an element that will provide optimal GNSS performance even in challenging environments.

The GNSS-1500 is an antenna element, available in volumes from Sangshin Elecom, that requires an LNA to become a fully-functional GNSS antenna. Contact an expert to learn more about NovAtel’s antenna reference design services or design your own LNA for maximum versatility.

Features & Benefits

  • Small form factor
  • Ability to be used for GPS-only or multi-constellation applications
  • Placement flexibility and precise positioning

Evaluation Kits

The GNSS-1500 Evaluation Kit is designed to be test platforms used in laboratory or development environments to evaluate the performance of the GNSS-1500 antenna element. Optional IMU integration to enable support for SPAN GNSS+INS solutions provide access to continuous 3D position, velocity and attitude. The GNSS-1500 Evaluation Kit offers plug-and-play functionality to help accelerate integration cycles and reach production faster.