Velocity 2019

Space is the Place

Integrated global positioning solutions from Hexagon | NovAtel® boost The Spaceship Company’s path toward carrying passengers into space.

Quantifying Integrity

The 2017 U.S. Federal Radionavigation Plan defines integrity as it relates to navigation as “the measure of the trust that can be placed in the correctness of the information supplied by a PNT system.”

Chambers of Innovation

The new LEED® Silver certified Hexagon Calgary Campus, which opened in September 2018 to house Hexagon | NovAtel® is fast becoming a center of excellence for internal and external innovators.

Technologies Power Driverless Racing

Students at the ETH Zurich have produced a prototype driverless race car to compete in “Formula Student” competitions in Europe. Advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) modules and antennas from Hexagon | NovAtel® are helping make the vehicle one of the very best in its class.

MicroElect takes positioning into the Andes Mountains

Advanced navigation and guidance systems are changing the way we work, in agriculture and construction, in the transport sector, and in safety-critical areas such as search and rescue. The MicroElect company in Argentina is bringing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies from Hexagon | NovAtel® to the transport infrastructure maintenance arena, in one of the world’s most inhospitable winter environments—the Andes Mountains.

Field of Dreams

Start-up company Harvest CROO Robotics seeks to address the labor shortage crisis and preserve the future of the strawberry picking industry.