NovAtel Wingsuit Jump


In 2011, a unique set of conditions provided NovAtel with the opportunity to test our new OEM615 GNSS receiver under exciting, high-dynamic conditions.  As NovAtel engineers were finalizing the development of the OEM615 - the smallest dual-constellation/dual-frequency survey-grade receiver ever developed by NovAtel - NovAtel Applications Engineer Andrew Levson was embarking on a passion of his own - wingsuit skydiving. With designs on defining and setting new Canadian records for both distance and formation flying, Andrew thought about ways to train for and confirm these potential records. Naturally, he gravitated towards the technical solution he was most familiar with: GNSS!

After months of preparation and planning, and backed by a dedicated NovAtel support team, Andrew took to the skies on August 2, 2011 for a day-long series of wingsuit jumps. The goal: to verify that NovAtel's OEM615 receiver and ALIGN® heading technology provides extremely accurate position, heading and velocity measurements in the most demanding of environments. 

We are happy to share the details of our wingsuit project with you.