Development Kits for Autonomy

The promise of autonomous equipment and robotics to address the challenges industries are facing, such as labour shortages and increased production requirements, has instigated numerous innovations in this burgeoning field. However, delivering on that promise is often delayed by challenges and gaps in expertise in positioning and machine perception.  

Positioning and perception are key development hurdles with the need for precision, safety and artificial intelligence integration. To simplify the development of your autonomous and robotic machines, we have put together quality and reliable positioning and perception kits to help speed up the process and allow you to focus on the purpose, task and design of your development platforms. 

Leveraging our decades of experience in GNSS positioning, autonomy and safety-critical applications, our autonomy development kits combine sensors, positioning and software solutions to jump-start your innovation and help you improve efficiency by reducing development churn.  

Choose from a variety of kits based on the needs of your autonomous machines. Start with individual perception and localisation kits or expand to a robust all-in-one solution for building remote and autonomous systems. We can even help you increase navigation accuracy and integrity based on your needs and applications. 

Our ready-to-use kits are easy to integrate and provide: 

  • Object detection and classification 
  • Simultaneous relative localisation and mapping 
  • Absolute positioning through GNSS technology 
  • Localisation sensor fusion 

Additionally, our kits include advanced safety features for situational and environmental awareness, and remote control capability, if needed.  

As a trusted partner to the world’s autonomy providers, we can help you achieve your goals in autonomy. We not only give you proven solutions, but the confidence to deliver unique and innovative solutions, accelerating your time to market.