Oceanix Correction Services for marine applications

We are pioneers and global leaders in satellite-based correction services with the reliability and high availability of our Oceanix Correction Service. The robustness of the Oceanix infrastructure sets it apart from the competition – superior GNSS reference stations, redundant system architecture and continuous quality monitoring contribute to an exceptional service that is available anytime, anywhere. Powered by RTK From the Sky technology, Oceanix transmits correction data in real-time, with minimal latency, directly to your receiver from Hexagon | NovAtel via satellite link or Internet connection to provide a robust solution.

Why use Oceanix?

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Seamless, consistent horizontal and vertical accuracy wherever you move without being tethered to a base station

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With 99.999% uptime and availability, corrections are always streaming

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Same simple mobilisation wherever you go, with no extra equipment or configurations

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Quick and secure access, with one-way data transfer of corrections to your receiver

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Near-instant convergence and reconvergence maximise uptime in the most challenging conditions


Horizontal accuracy 2.5 cm (95%)
Vertical accuracy 5 cm (95%)
Convergence time as fast as 3 mins
Position recovery with partial GNSS outages < 1 minute
Enables unlimited RTK bridging on OEM7 receivers with the RTK unlock and using an RTK connection source

Oceanix: Fast performance with global RTK From the Sky technology

Better than ever before, Oceanix users will experience noticeable improvements in performance including convergence time, accuracy and recovery. The best performance is achievable with hardware support for all signals (full-frequency, multi-constellation) on firmware 7.08.14 and higher

Full GNSS signal support
GPS L1 L2 L5  
GLO L1 L2    
GAL E1 E5a E5b E6
BDS B1C B2a B2b B3

1 Performance specifications subject to GNSS system characteristics, Signal-in-Space (SIS) operational degradation, ionospheric and tropospheric conditions, satellite geometry, baseline length, multipath effects and the presence of intentional or unintentional interference. Best performance achieved with OEM7700 and GNSS-850 antenna. Signal content subject to change.

For offshore marine applications requiring correction services, please visit Hexagon | VERIPOS for more information.

Corrections included for a year


Purchase our MarinePak7, built purposely for high accuracy on the water, and enjoy Oceanix Correction Service included for a year.

NovAtel standard terms and conditions of sale apply
. Subscription promotion must be redeemed before June 30, 2023. Promo valid between November 22, 2022 and June 30, 2023. Not applicable for precision agriculture, defense, or government applications. Contact NovAtel sales for more information.