GAJT-AE-N Anti-jam antenna electronics

The GAJT-AE-N variant provides the antenna electronics for a Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) in a custom enclosure system. 

Jamming and Interference are Here to Stay

Jamming and interference, whether intentional or unintentional, can seriously degrade GPS position, navigation and time availability-even to the point of total solution denial. Jammers create excessive noise, overpowering the low power GPS signals and saturating the electronics in a GPS receiver front end. Methods are needed to suppress this interference so your GPS receiver continues to operate.

Who is it For?

GAJT-AE-N is designed for size and weight constrained applications such as small airborne and ground unmanned platforms, where it is preferable to mount the antenna electronics inside the vehicle. Users can select from a variety of 4-element CRPAs and cabling lengths to best meet the form factor requirements of their installation.

Leading Edge Technology

Interference mitigation is achieved by applying proprietary digital beamforming algorithms to the signals, creating dynamic nulls to give protection against narrowband and broadband interference sources. We recommend antennas from Antcom Inc., either from their standard range or designed for custom form-factors. The unit comprises Radio Frequency (RF) front ends and null forming electronics. DC power is supplied via a dedicated LEMO® connector. Integration to your GPS receiver is seamless.

How it Works

GAJT mitigates interference by creating nulls in the antenna gain pattern in the direction of jammers, providing significant anti-jam protection even in dynamic multi-jammer scenarios. The output of the GAJT-AE-N is a standard Radio Frequency (RF) feed, suitable for input to legacy GPS receivers.

Built For the Future

GAJT-AE-N comes in variants that protect either L1 and L2 or just L1 GPS signals in wide or narrow band. The wide bandwidth version ensures future compatibility with M-Code GPS.