GNSS satellites are equipped with atomic clocks which utilize internal oscillators to deliver timing measurements accurate to 5 ns. This provides system integrators with the world's most precise, stable source of timing information.

The ability to synchronise up to 20 devices using a local Ethernet network to <5 ns accuracy is available through the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) functionality available on OEM7 receivers from Hexagon | NovAtel. Find out more about how PTP can solve your timing challenges here

NovAtel's timing solutions are suited for a wide range of applications where accurate timing is essential in managing workflows and data. Applications for precise GNSS time include:

System time synchronization applications

  • Cellular communication networks
  • Financial networks

Frequency/phase synchronization applications

  • Electricity grids

System time synchronization can be achieved using:

  • Logs generated from the GNSS receiver
  • Electrical connections from the receiver's programmable time signals (1PPS, VARF)
  • Time tagged electrical triggering signals (MARKIN/EVENT) provided to the receiver by external equipment


  • Precise 1 Pulse per Second (PPS) and Date/Time of Day timing information to the 5 ns level
  • Accurate frequency information locked to the GPS Atomic standard
  • Precise time synchronization between 2 or more systems
  • The ability of national timing labs to compare their clocks with the clocks of other timing labs for global average UTC type observations
  • Seamless and reliable operation with external oscillator input