GNSS satellites are equipped with atomic clocks which utilize internal oscillators to deliver timing measurements accurate to 20 ns. This provides system integrators with the world's most precise, stable source of timing information. NovAtel's timing solutions are suited for a wide range of applications where accurate timing is essential in managing workflows and data. Applications for precise GNSS time include:



System time synchronization applications

  • Cellular communication networks
  • Financial networks

Frequency/phase synchronization applications

  • Electricity grids

System time synchronization can be achieved using:

  • Logs generated from the GNSS receiver
  • Electrical connections from the receiver's programmable time signals (1PPS, VARF)
  • Time tagged electrical triggering signals (MARKIN/EVENT) provided to the receiver by external equipment



  • Precise 1 Pulse per Second (PPS) and Date/Time of Day timing information to the 20 ns level
  • Accurate frequency information locked to the GPS Atomic standard
  • Precise time synchronization between 2 or more systems
  • The ability of national timing labs to compare their clocks with the clocks of other timing labs for global average UTC type observations
  • Seamless and reliable operation with external oscillator input