Response and Escalation

NovAtel's Customer Support is comprised of highly skilled Electrical and Geomatic Engineers to ensure you receive the best customer service in the industry. We work one on one to answer your questions, work through issues, and help to optimize your NovAtel products.  We accept inquiries by phone, e-mail or through a web portal.  

E-mail and Web Portal Response

With customers worldwide, we receive requests for support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The majority of requests come via e-mail or through our web portal.  Requests received through these systems will automatically generate a new case in our system, setting it in priority sequence for assignment and response.  Most requests are responded to within a few hours and we strive to initially respond to all logged requests within one business day. 

Live Phone Support Response

Live phone support is available from 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).  This service may be impacted if significant backlog exists in our case management system due to worldwide customer demands. In this case, your call will be recorded by our voice mail system.  Similar to email and web portal requests, voice mail messages are captured in our case management system and put into priority sequence. 

Whether you prefer to use phone, web portal or e-mail, the next available agent will always handle your request in priority sequence.

Please Note: If you have an urgent business critical issue that requires a priority response and you cannot get an immediate response through our live phone system, please log your issue through our customer web portal and follow the review process outlined at the bottom of this page under the heading:Business Critical Requests for Priority Response.

Business Critical Requests for Priority Response

When a quick response is business critical and waiting for the next available engineer is not optional, your request can be evaluated for priority response by following these 3 easy steps:

1) Submit a Request using our Web Portal service at

2) Record the case number that is provided to you after submitting your request.

3) Send a separate e-mail to with details explaining the urgency and include the case number.

NovAtel Customer Support Management will evaluate your request and either contact you directly to discuss or provide an e-mail response with an estimated initial response time.

Please note that only those requests that are truly business critical will receive a priority response.

Customer Feedback

We expect your experience with NovAtel Customer Support to be world class.  If you have comments regarding NovAtel Customer Support please fill out this Customer Satisfaction Survey.