Environmental Policy & ISO Certificate

We at NovAtel are serious about our responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations. To ensure a comprehensive, company-wide approach, we have created an Environmental Management System (EMS) to achieve ISO14001 certification. In doing so, we ensure that NovAtel, the world’s leading provider of OEM high precision GNSS technology, is doing all it can to conserve and enhance the environment for future generations.

While achieving our mission to manufacture innovative products that are easy to integrate and optimize the return on investment for our customers, we are likewise committed to:

  • meeting or exceeding applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • setting goals to continuously improve NovAtel processes, operations, and product design for the purpose of minimizing our impact on the environment
  • measuring our impact on the environment to ensure we are meeting our targets
  • responsibly managing hazardous materials, and reusing or recycling all byproducts from our operations
  • ensuring tools needed to minimize our impact on the environment are available and utilized
  • encouraging our suppliers and contractors to do the same
  • training our employees to ensure they are aware of their role in supporting this policy 

ISO 14001:2015 certificate 

To see NovAtel’s compliance to environmental industry standards visit the Environmental Compliance page.