TerraStar X Technology

Our TerraStar portfolio provides worldwide coverage, reliable positioning 24/7 and a service uptime of 99.999% to meet the needs of global customers. Our TerraStar X technology leverages the existing service infrastructure to provide the instant convergence that the automotive industry requires for lane-level positioning in safe autonomous applications.

TerraStar X technology

Diagram of TerraStar-X technology

TerraStar X correction technology virtually eliminates standard convergence time to provide high-accuracy positioning with lane-level accuracy for autonomous automotive applications. When combined with our positioning engine, this technology allows customers to maximise positioning performance in real-time. Unlike traditional RTK corrections, TerraStar X technology is scalable for a high volume of users, meeting the availability requirements necessary for automotive applications.

Advantages of TerraStar X technology

  • Delivers lane-level (< 50 cm) accuracy throughout entire coverage area in less than one minute
  • Scalable for high volume of users
  • Efficient cellular broadcast design, compatible with industry standards including 3GPP, protecting user location privacy
  • Low bandwidth requirements compared to RTK and delivered through common cellular and internet channels
  • Designed for functional safety when used in combination with NovAtel’s positioning engine

TerraStar X technology development and test areas

Map of TerraStar test beds

You can evaluate the benefits of TerraStar X technology for large scale program development with or without functional safety. For those interested in evaluating and implementing the technology, please contact us for access to the above test beds.