TerraStar-X Enterprise GNSS Correction Services

Automated driving features and autonomous vehicles require continuous, lane-level localisation to deliver on-road functional safety requirements. A critical component to achieving precise positioning is GNSS correction services, which augment GNSS signals to remove satellite-based (clock and orbit) and atmospheric (ionosphere and troposphere) errors. 

Our TerraStar-X Enterprise Correction Services bring instantaneous and continuous lane-level accuracy to connected vehicles for Autonomous Driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Access to TerraStar-X Enterprise is available in key automotive development centres around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia, providing consistent, high-precision GNSS positioning for mass-market applications. 

TerraStar-X Enterprise is also available to industrial and consumer markets for large-scale programs, such as micro-mobility, robots, drones, industrial machines and mobile applications.  

Features and benefits of TerraStar-X Enterprise

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Instantaneous, lane-level accuracy for large-scale programs 

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ISO 26262 / ASIL B compliant for functional safety and security 

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Seamless hardware-agnostic integration for worldwide deployment  

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Low cellular bandwidth requirement saving costs


How does TerraStar-X Enterprise work?

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TerraStar-X Enterprise satellite (clock and orbit) corrections are generated from our extensive global reference stations that continuously monitor all satellites in view. Atmospheric corrections are generated from regional GNSS network stations across North America, Europe and Asia. Because the position of these stations has been precisely surveyed, dedicated servers can use that information to estimate the GNSS signal errors and generate corrections.  

This correction information is then monitored for integrity before being securely provided to the customer backend, which then delivers it to vehicles and other mobile devices via cellular or IP infrastructure. Integrity monitoring ensures that the corrections can be trusted for use in applications with safety requirements, such as automated and autonomous driving. Using advanced PPP-RTK algorithms, the positioning engine within the user receiver then calculates location with the required accuracy and reliability for a variety of applications. 

TerraStar-X Enterprise Correction Services provide precise and robust localisation in less than one minute with 99.9% availability and 24/7 reliability. When combined with our positioning engine, TerraStar-X Enterprise allows customers to maximise positioning performance in real-time. 

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