Ionospheric scintillation resources

Screenshot of a scintillation map showing color gradients over a world map

Ionospheric activity forecast tool

Determine if ionospheric activity is impacting your GNSS tracking and positioning with the forecast tool.

The sun is experiencing a solar flare directed at the Earth.

Redundancy and resiliency against ionospheric scintillation

Learn about ways to mitigate the impact of ionospheric scintillation on GNSS positioning.

Image of earth from space showing a thin layer of atmosphere

What is ionospheric activity and how do I mitigate against the impact on GNSS?

Learn about ionospheric activity and its effect on GNSS signals.

Satellite in space over earth with aurora

Space weather's impact on GNSS

How does space weather affect GPS/GNSS positioning? This webinar discusses the effects of ionospheric activity and how to mitigate them.