API and Developer’s Kit

Application Programming Interface (API) for NovAtel’s GNSS receivers

Networking lines coming in and out of a chip demonstrating the way the API from NovAtel enables customization of your GNSS/GPS receiver through an application programming interface and developer’s kit.

The Application Programming Interface (API) from Hexagon | NovAtel is used to develop specialized applications using the Lua programming language to extend the functionality of OEM7 receivers from NovAtel. Our API includes a set of predefined functions for developing custom software to execute from and interface with the GNSS/GPS receiver platform.

Our developer’s kit includes a simple scripting language for users to easily create scripts that enable specialized operations running onboard their GNSS/GPS receiver. Users have complete control of their data and programming through the customization of output formats and the ability to write custom algorithms without an additional processor.

These increased functionalities of the API developer’s kit from NovAtel eliminate additional hardware, simplify system design, reduce development time and decrease time to market.

The next generation API is available as an optional feature on the OEM7 family of NovAtel receivers.


  • Write scripts quickly and easily using the included LUA scripting language
  • Load custom scripts and algorithms onto your receiver to be run at anytime
  • Gain complete access to all commands and logs
  • Enables customization of OEM7 receivers


  • Eliminates an additional dedicated hardware platform, improving manufacturability, scalability and reliability of products
  • Simplifies system design to reduce overall time and cost
  • No need for a compiler
  • Development kit with sample scripts and other examples included

Learn more about Lua as a scripting language on our LUA support documents page.

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