MIC Mating Connectors

Mating connector for MIC: 
The 4 connectors below are all available through distribution and are not custom parts for NovAtel.

(1) Power : Molex 43645-0300.

This connects to P101 on the MIC card (Molex 43650-0313)

(2) User interface port (COM, I/O, etc) : Molex 501189-3010.

This connects to P301 on the MIC card (Molex 501571-3007)

(3) IMU interface port (Landmark 20, Honeywell IMUs) : Molex 51146-2000.

This connects to P601 on the MIC card (Molex 53780-2070)

(4) *** For the ADIS IMU only: ADIS IMU interface port: 51146-1000.

This connects to P701 on the MIC card (Molex 53780-1070)

J301: this connector is a custom design (custom depth) - this connector is only to be used by stacking the OEM615 or OEMV1DF with the MIC card. 
This interface should not be used if the MIC and NovAtel receiver are not being stacked. 
Instead: use the port described in (2) above.