How often does Averaging Filter in POSAVE Command get Applied?

The POSAVE command implements position averaging for base stations. Position averaging continues for a specified number of hours or until the estimated averaged position error is within specified accuracy limits. Averaging stops when the time limit or the horizontal standard deviation limit or the vertical standard deviation limit is achieved. When averaging is complete, the FIX POSITION command is automatically invoked.

The AVEPOS log can be used to monitor the averaging specified by the POSAVE command. It is recommended to log AVEPOS using the ONCHANGED trigger. Please note how often the POSAVE filter gets applied depends on the total amount of time the filter is meant to run as per user input. Specifically,

if POSAVE time limit < 1 hour, update every 60 seconds.
if POSAVE time limit < 1 min, update every 1 second.
if POSAVE time limit >1 hour, update every 600 seconds

Statistically speaking, there's no advantage to sampling more than every 600 secs when the overall sampling period is greater than an hour long. More samples doesn't necessarily equate to a better average - it can in fact, make your result worse if there are numerous samples collected at a time when there are slight position outliers.