Updating SMART6 firmware from 6.230 or 6.231 to 6.510 (or later)

Care must be taken when upgrading Smart6 receivers from OEM060230RN0000 (6.230) or OEM060231RN0000 (6.231) to this release OEM060510RN0000 (6.510) or later.  The following instructions must be followed in sequence:

  1. Establish a connection to the Smart6 receiver using a tool such as NovAtel Connect or Hyperterminal.
  2. Remove the old Smart6 application using the following command:  APPLICATION REMOVE
  3. Load the new OEM060510RN0000 firmware using Winload following the standard procedure.
  4. Load the new ESMRT0210RN0000 Smart6 application using Winload following the standard procedure.

The latest SMART6 firmware and application software are available here:


 The procedure above is NOT required for SMART6-L.