Dual antenna heading solution

This dual antenna solution provides a high-accuracy position with a heading, even when the machine is stationary or operating at slow speeds. 

By starting with reliable equipment, you can customise and grow your GNSS solution to suit your evolving needs without having to replace your positioning equipment. With the dual antenna solution, you get the heading information you need with an integraste IMU, reducing the need for additional sensors. 

Dual antenna solution includes: 

  • SMART7-SI 
  • SMART2 
  • ALIGN firmware 
Standard Hardware Features Benefit
  • Integrated IMU
Allows for a terrain compensated position, and high accuracy roll and pitch of the vehicle. Includes access to raw IMU data.
  • Multiple input/output
Flexible for your system’s needs.
  • ROS integration
Speeds up system integration.
  • PTP timing
Provides improved sensor performance and logging accuracy. Eliminates the need for additional hardware on the robot.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity
Provides flexibility for remote connectivity and monitoring.
  • SPAN technology
Keeps the machine uptime as high as possible through minor GNSS outages. It is especially useful for tree line and orchard activities. Provides the ability to move the reference point to another point of the vehicle saving integration time, increasing accuracy and removing the need to translate the position output.
  • Provides stand-alone positioning and static and slow-moving heading
Provides machine with vital position and orientation information to mitigate operator involvement.
  • ALIGN rover for heading
High accuracy heading computed relative to the SMART7-SI. Provides heading, even when the machine is stationary.
  • Dual-frequency with flexibility to enable access to all constellations
Increased signal availability and redundancy.

Learn more about Hexagon | NovAtel’s SMART antennas

Pair our quality SMART antennas with our advanced firmware, to get a robust and reliable positioning solution designed for your agriculture autonomy needs. 

Optional firmware solutions Benefit
ALIGN firmware
  • Provides heading and can provide position in relation to a Master receiver.
Static high accuracy heading at startup and when the vehicle is slow moving.
TerraStar Correction Services
  • Provides 2.5 cm accuracy globally
Supporting high-precision agriculture activities with no blind spots.

Additionally, you can add RTK and PPP capabilities to either SMART antenna. 

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