Converting Raw Data

The Empty Project method does not automatically convert raw data when adding master or remote data to a project. In order to add master or remote data to a project, the data must be in a format which is compatible with Waypoint software. The Raw GNSS to GPB converter is used to convert raw binary or RINEX data to Waypoint’s proprietary GPB file format.


In the converter utility, browse to the directory containing the raw data by clicking the (1) Get Folder button or by pasting the address in the folder address bar. The raw data will appear under the source files.

Note: the filter can be changed to sort the file names/types you are seeking in the specified directory

If the raw data is a compatible data format, clicking the (2) Auto Add All button will detect the receiver type of the raw data and automatically add it to the list of files to convert. Global Options can be specified for selected raw data in the convert list. At this point, the raw data files are ready to convert and can be done by clicking the (3) Convert button.