Videos: Getting Started



    An introduction into the Waypoint project workflow and user settings.

Creating a Project

    There are two ways a user can create a project. They are as follows:
    1. Project Wizard
    2. Empty Project

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Converting Raw Data

      The Empty Project method does not automatically convert raw data                 when adding master or remote data to a project.

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Adding a Base Station

      To add a base station to the project which is already in GPB format,                 navigate to: File l Add Master File(s)

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      There are mainly two types of data processing: GNSS only and GNSS +         inertial processing.

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Using the Export Wizard

      The Export Wizard facilitates customized ASCII exporting of processed           results.

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GNSS Quality Analysis

      Plots are a common tool used in quality control for post-processed                  solutions.

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INS Quality Analysis