Software-based licensing authorizes any permitted number of machines to use Waypoint software without the need for a physical mode of verification (ie. USB dongle). Software-based licensing operates by an Activate/Return system. A user can "activate" a license on their machine for as long as they wish (given the duration of the license). If the user wishes to use the license on a different machine, they can "return" the license and then activate it on any machine across the globe. Activation can be done online using the Local License Manager or offline by contacting

Software-based licensing is ideal for single users with mobile workstations, and users in different locations collaborating on project(s). Settings, profiles, etc. are particular to each machine. Please note that users are not able to make use of software-based licensing over a server or remote desktop. For licensing over a server or remote desktop, please see the “Term” software-based licensing method.


Software-based Term licensing provides the same functionality as software-based licensing, with the addition of support over servers and remote desktops. A GrafNav Term license adds functionality for command line processing. Software-based Term licensing is validated by an annual subscription.

Software-based Term licensing is ideal for customers who wish to use Waypoint software over a remote desktop, and for those who would benefit from command line processing. Settings, profiles, etc. would be the same for all users accessing the host machine.

Activating/Upgrading a License 

When upgrading software versions (ie. from v8.50 to v8.60), it is not necessary to uninstall the previous version prior to installing the upgrade.

Software-based license users please note: it is imperative that you return your previous version license (via the Local License Manager utility) prior to activating the upgrade license; otherwise, you will encounter the operations error: 7288.

Note: upgrade licenses are also not limited to the number of returns/activations granted one instance of the license is active at a given moment.


The USB Key licensing will no longer be supported in the future. Version 8.60 is the latest version for USB Key support. More details can be found here