Common Errors

This section discusses common issues users may encounter while activating or upgrading their license. The following errors are rather trivial, and can often be resolved without the need to contact support.

Note: some of the error messages differ for software versions prior to 8.60; however, the error codes remain the same.

 1. Operations error: 7288


This error is encountered when a user attempts to activate a license which does not have any remaining activations.

To resolve this issue, ensure a copy of the license is not active on another machine; if it is, “Return” the license through the Local License Manager, then activate the license on the desired machine.

In case the issue is still not able to be resolved, please contact

2. Return code: 103


This error occurs when a user attempts to open GrafNav or Inertial Explorer over a remote desktop connection in which the active license on the remote machine does not permit remote desktop processing. Both the USB and software-based permanent licensing methods do not support remote desktop processing.

To resolve this issue, please contact to arrange a demo license for the software-based term license which permits remote desktop processing.