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NovAtel's WAAS GUS-Type 1 receiver provides multiple independent receiver sections and unsurpassed signal tracking to ensure reliable and accurate control of uplink signal generation in Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS).


  • Narrow Correlator® technology on the L1 signal and digital pulse blanking on L2 and L5
  • Three independent receiver sections
  • Signal Quality Monitoring (SQM) measurements


  • Monitoring of multiple signal feeds for SBAS uplink applications
  • Reliable tracking performance, even near sources of multipath and in-band interference
  • Monitors signal quality and detects satellite failures over the full ICAO threat space

Exceptional tracking performance

The GUS GNSS receiver provides superior tracking of L1 and L5 geostationary satellite signals, as well as L1/L2 GPS signal tracking, which aids in precise system timing. NovAtel's Narrow Correlator® technology is included to enhance the reception of satellite data for highly accurate range measurements. In addition, our advanced algorithms increase reliability by detecting and eliminating cross-correlation.

Independent receiver sections

For flexible operation and configuration, the GUS Receiver features three independent receiver sections, each with its own dedicated antenna inputs. Each receiver section includes a primary Euro-3 card for L1/L2 GPS tracking and a secondary Euro-L5 card, which provides L5 GEO signal tracking. Each section is configured independently through standard RS-232 serial ports. A simple but comprehensive command interface provides tight control of each receiver section.