This is a previous generation product 

NovAtel Announces End of Life for SPAN-SE, SPAN-MPPC and SPAN on OEMV Products

NovAtel Inc. is announcing the End of Life of the: SPAN-SE, SPAN-MPPC and SPAN on OEMV receivers and accessories

These products will be available for order until:

April 17, 2014 (or until inventory is depleted)

Shipments may be scheduled for no later than:

July 17, 2014

NovAtel will continue to support and repair these products until:

January 17, 2017

For a complete list of affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, please refer to this document.

For a complete listing of NovAtel products at end of life, including the expiration of support and repair for those products, please refer to the discontinued products list on the NovAtel website at:


SPAN-SE™ User Manual OM-20000124 REV 9 (2013-10-22) PDF (6.8 MB)
SPAN-SE™ Quick Start Guide GM-14915082 REV 3 (2012-05-07) PDF (594 KB)

Product Sheets

SPAN-SE™ Product Sheet D12767 REV 5 (2013-10-23) PDF (226 KB)

Firmware Downloads

SPAN-SE VER SCD000303RN0000 (2018-09-13) ZIP (12 MB)

Training Videos

Loading SPAN SE CDU watch

Application Notes

Configuring the SPAN-SE for HYPACK Integration Application Note APN-060 (2013-10-24) PDF (809 KB)
Loading Firmware on SPAN-SE Application Note APN-052 (2010-04-07) PDF (251 KB)
Configure CAN for SPAN® Application Note APN-046 REV 2D (2015-03-11) PDF (407 KB)
Vehicle to Body Rotations Application Note APN-037 (2015-02-25) PDF (115 KB)
Using a Wheel Sensor with SPAN® Application Note APN-036 (2007-01-31) PDF (20 KB)

CAD Documents

SPAN SE CAD (2018-10-30) ZIP (6.3 MB)