SMART-AG User Manual OM-20000123 REV 5 (2012-03-12) PDF (1.8 MB)
SMART-AG Quick Start Guide GM-14915085 REV 4 (2012-03-12) PDF (497 KB)
OEMV® Firmware Reference Manual OM-20000094 REV 8 (2010-05-14) PDF (4 MB)
OEMV® Family Patent Notice GM-14915060 REV 4 (2007-06-26) PDF (23 KB)

Product Sheets

SMART-AG™ Product Sheet D12898 REV 3 (2013-10-24) PDF (226 KB)

Firmware Downloads

OEMV Firmware (OEM Version) Requires an authorization code to function
VER 3.907
ZIP (3.4 MB)
OEMV Firmware (Update Version) Includes authorization codes for OEMV
receivers up to March 15, 2013.
VER 3.907
ZIP (9.8 MB)

Application Notes

SMART-AG Firmware Release for CAN System Integrators
Application Note
APN-050 (2008-12-16) PDF (74 KB)
GPS Observation and Post-Processing Techniques for Single
Frequency Receivers Application Note
APN-012 (1997-11-15) PDF (14 KB)


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